Let the Timeshare Cancellation Firm Work For You

Let the Timeshare Cancellation Firm Work For You.


We provide the most professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and committed service in our industry.

As our client, you will receive a high level of service.

Our interest lies primarily in building long-term relationships with clients.

You will benefit from the combined experience of our entire team.

Our team stays up to date on research and the most cutting edge business practices to ensure that we are always providing the most effective services.


We handle each step of your timeshare transfer so that you don't have to.
Our process has 4 steps-

1. Free Consultation
2. Account Review to see if you and your resort qualify
3. Account Resolution
4. Successful transfer

After your order is placed, we ask that you complete a few simple forms allowing us to work with your resort and county agencies to facilitate the transfer of the title out of your name.


If your resort has a right of first refusal we will clear it so that you can work with only one person through the whole process – your assigned title transfer specialist.



THE TIMESHARE CANCELLATION FIRM is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A + rating since 2001.

We are a Consumer Advice Center founded in part because of our owner's negative experience with a timeshare and his belief that many people have similar situations.

As a result, your concerns and interests will always be placed ahead of our own. Each member of our organization works with this philosophy in mind, giving you the type of customer experience that builds relationships.

Our programs are up to date, time-tested, and extremely effective.

Common Questions

What is a timeshare exit/cancellation?

A timeshare exit is the process to cancel all legal and financial obligations related to a timeshare that you have purchased. The process will remove your timeshare mortgage, your annual maintenance fees and any special assessment fees that you owe to a timeshare resort, (and the financial institution that holds the mortgage, if there is one). In return, you will forego ownership of the timeshare and any future rights to use it.

What are my timeshare cancellation rights?

Most state laws have timeshare cancellation rights, known as timeshare rescission periods after you sign your contract. This period of time varies state to state, but is typically between 3 – 7 days. You resort was required to disclose this period of time to you at the time of purchase. To find the period, review the paperwork that the resort provided to you at the time of purchase.

Can I cancel my timeshare after the rescission period?

Yes, however canceling your timeshare after the state’s rescission period requires more than just a written notice to the resort. The process is much more involved, and best approached with the knowledge and experience of a timeshare ownership advocacy organization, like the Timeshare Cancellation Firm. Feel free to give us a call for your free consultation to learn more about it!

Do you sell or rent my timeshare?

We do not sell or rent your timeshare. We are a transfer company that disposes of your timeshare title. Our process is an immediate separation between you and your resort group. This is an exit solution that will stop all payments and fees!

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